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U.S. Hemp Authority 4.0 Standards Await Public Comment

US Hemp Authority 4.0 Standards for Public Comment

As they have done with Program Standards 3.0 and previous drafts of their certification requirement updates, the hemp industry’s foremost certifying body—the U.S. Hemp Authority—is now opening up the newly drafted Program Standard Version 4.0 for public comment. 

Hemp businesses and consumers continuing to operate under hazy legal provisions on both the state and federal levels rely heavily on the U.S. Hemp Authority certification program to maintain widely agreed-upon standards of legal compliance, product safety, ethical hemp business practices, and more.

Each iteration of the U.S. Hemp Authority Program Standards, despite amendments, seeks to clarify and address the organization’s stance on more topical as well as well-entrenched quality and safety standards, such as rules for synthetic cannabinoid use, hemp product labeling rules, product testing standards, and much more.

Notably, these rules apply to growers, processors, manufacturers, and brand owners alike.

Per the U.S. Hemp Roundtable’s announcement of the Standard 4.0 draft, “U.S. Hemp Authority is calling on the hemp industry—farmers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers—to weigh in,” inviting these involved parties to submit comments on the draft to through June 15th. 

This process of industry engagement, established soon after the organization’s first standard release, ensures that the newly amended standards can continue to protect the hemp consumer without hampering the ability of industry members to continue operating efficiently.

We will continue to update our audience as the U.S. Hemp Authority reports on public feedback and how it will impact the new certification standards. 

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