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Too Much CBD? Overdosing Myths Debunked

Many people are discovering the amazing benefits that CBD products possess.  However, because of all the stigmatization around the compound, questions such as “Can you overdose on CBD?” are frequently asked. At this time, many people think that too much CBD products may cause overdosing. If you are one of those people, read on as this article touches on some of the most important facts and myths regarding CBD consumption.

A Closer Look at the Compound

CBD Compound and Consumption

Before we dive into how CBD is not addictive, let’s take a closer look at what CBD really is. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in hemp plants. Every mammal on this planet has an internal system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This thorough regulatory system controls virtually everything that keeps us going.

The ECS regulates functions such as appetite, mood, and even pain. Our bodies generate cannabinoids (neurotransmitters) in small amounts, and in turn, these neurotransmitters stimulate the receptors to support the various functions mentioned earlier. Now you might be asking yourself, “What role does CBD play specifically?” Well, CBD acts as an extra supply of cannabinoids to enhance the functions of the ECS.

CBD Is Not Addictive

Addiction is a relentless and life-threatening condition, which can easily lead to overdose. Since CBD is basically a drug, it is normal for people to be concerned about the consequences of consuming too much. 

Rest easy, CBD is not addictive and non-intoxicating – unlike its cousin THC. THC produces the intoxicating effects that result in a high – the addictive compound. People who consume a lot of THC generally come back for the high it provides. On the other hand, CBD does not contain any intoxicating elements, so becoming addicted is highly unlikely.

Tolerance to CBD Oil

One of the reasons heavy drug usage may grow dangerous is that over time, you can build a tolerance to them. The dose you may be taking is no longer sufficient, so you increase the dosage or your serving sizes. 

You may be asking, “Is my CBD tolerance going to lead to an overdose eventually?” According to various studies, people are not likely to build a tolerance to CBD products, but if you are cross users, you might be in uncharted seas. People turn to CBD oil for many personal reasons, and some use it more heavily than others. If your condition calls for daily use, try to stick to your recommended CBD dosage.

cbd oil tolerance

Can CBD Kill You?

A 2017 study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research confirmed that CBD is very safe, especially when contrasted to other drugs. In general, the greatest risk you’ll likely run into if consuming a big dose of CBD may be getting extremely sluggish as the compound can have sedative effects in high doses.

However, there may be some outliers. The journal, Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine, reported a CBD-linked fatality in 2019. According to the article, a 56-year-old woman suffering from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare skin disorder, had begun using a CBD spray one week before being admitted to the emergency room, where she later passed of septic shock. 

However, the woman had a complicated medical history, including coronary artery disease and hypertension, so connecting her death directly to the CBD product she used may not paint the full picture. The bottom line is that CBD is very far from lethal, but there will be exceptions. That’s why collaborating with your doctor is necessary before adding it to your regimen.

Too Much CBD? Myths Debunked

So, will too much CBD lead to overdose? Considering zero incidents have been reported on people actually dying from taking too much CBD, the answer is a hard no. But it’s important to keep in mind that not all CBD products are made equally. 

If your product is compromised in any way, there is no telling whether you’re safe or not. So, when searching for a quality CBD product, look for an organic product and make sure the company you are buying from has done their due diligence in getting rid of toxic particles, additives, and undesirable ingredients. For the purest and legal CBD products, look for trustworthy brands that are fully transparent about their extraction processes. Leading CBD brands like Pure Relief go the extra mile for their customers by having their formulas tested by third-party laboratories to ensure they are 100% compliant with all industry standards and regulations.

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