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The Best CBD Oil for Migraines

As a migraine sufferer, it can be hard to find a natural solution to help you deal with the pain they cause. Over the years, CBD has become more and more popular as a way not just to relieve pain, but also to avoid getting migraines in the first place.

In this article, we explain the benefits of taking CBD oil for migraine sufferers. We’ll give you a few exclusive tips on how to take CBD oil for the best results, and share our favorite products with you. These are all carefully selected CBD oil tinctures that have the potency you need to prevent and relieve migraine pain on a day to day basis.

Why use CBD oil for migraines?

CBD is a natural source of pain relief. When the cannabis molecule “cannabidiol” enters our system, it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This has wide-ranging effects. For example, it sends signals to that system to lower pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Since the endocannabinoid system controls so many aspects of physical and mental health, it’s hard to summarize all the benefits of CBD. 

The most important effect of CBD is that it lowers pain. With CBD oil taken under the tongue (sublingual administration), the results can be felt after 10 to 20 minutes. When a migraine shows up, it can be one of the best, natural ways to keep the pain at bay.

CBD also has other properties that could help migraine sufferers. For example, it’s known to relieve anxiety. Since feeling stressed is one of the most common triggers of migraines, taking CBD daily could help prevent a new attack. CBD also improves your sleep and relieves insomnia. As lack of sleep is another common trigger of migraines, again CBD could lower the number of migraines you get in the long run. 

Overall, taking CBD oil on a daily basis can improve your overall wellbeing and make it more unlikely that you’ll get migraines in the future. Meanwhile, taking CBD oil when you do get migraines is a great way to get pain relief without relying on prescription medication.

Using CBD oil for migraines: A few tips

If you are a regular migraine sufferer, you may want to take CBD oil on a daily basis to keep new migraines at bay. In that case, you don’t actually need large doses of CBD oil. It’s a product that has a cumulative effect, meaning that it will slowly build up in your body over time. So even if you take just 10 or 15 mg of CBD a day, you can expect to feel its effects get greater and greater—and to experience migraines more and more infrequently. 

If you want to take CBD oil for a migraine you’re currently having, don’t hesitate to up the dose. Many people who claim that CBD doesn’t work” are taking doses which are way too low to relieve strong pains. So try to find a dose that works for you, which can easily be 2 to 3 times higher than your regular dose.

Whenever you take CBD oil, make sure to keep it under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. This will help your body to absorb the CBD without it having to go through your digestive tract. 

Finally, our last tip is to close your bottle of CBD oil carefully after each use and to keep it in a cool place. If you can keep it in the fridge, that’s even better: it will protect it from heat damage which can make CBD less potent.

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