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The Best CBD Creams for Sleep

Lack of sleep can quickly turn your whole life upside down. In time, sleep deprivation can lead to unstable mood, depression, cardiac problems, and much more. Unfortunately, sleeping pills are not generally recommended, not even by doctors, because of their heavy side effects. So if you’re looking for a more natural solution, CBD could be perfect for you. Studies have shown that it can give you more restful sleep as well as helping you fall asleep faster. 

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of CBD for sleep and why it makes sense to use a CBD cream rather than a CBD oil. At the end, you’ll also find our top picks for the best CBD creams out there that can be used to improve your sleep. 

The Benefits of CBD Cream for Sleep

Using CBD cream to help you get to sleep can be very effective thanks to the anxiety-fighting effects of CBD. Countless studies have shown that CBD promotes feelings of relaxation and relieves stress as well as more generalized anxiety. When we know that sleep problems like insomnia are generally tightly connected to tension and stress, it makes sense that CBD helps you get to sleep faster.

One of the greatest advantages of using a topical CBD product over edible CBD is that you get results faster. You can give yourself a massage with CBD cream just before going to sleep and feel its full effects just 10 or 15 minutes later. In fact, using a topical CBD product just before bed could be beneficial in more ways than one. When using CBD cream becomes a pre-sleep ritual, it helps you relax by creating a sense of routine. In time, your brain will start associating your nightly CBD massage with bedtime, which is certainly a great way to fall asleep faster. 

If you suffer from agitated sleep, some studies suggest that CBD could help you stay calmer not just before bed but also while you sleep. For example, this 2014 study found that patients who took CBD experienced a regulation of their REM cycles and deeper sleep. 

Finally, CBD cream relaxes your muscles. You may think that sleep issues are a purely mental problem, but they are actually closely related to your physical body. By helping muscles all over your body to relax, CBD can give you a feeling of bodily relaxation that helps you fall asleep faster. 

Whether you want a CBD product that you can use to give yourself a full-body massage, or an ointment that’s perfect for applying to your temples right before bed, there are more and more high-quality options on the market today. Below, we’ve listed our top picks for topical products that can help you get to sleep. 

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