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The Best CBD Creams for Depression

A few studies have recognized CBD as a natural antidepressant. Although this cannabis molecule isn’t a substitute for therapy or psychological treatment, it does have the ability to lift your mood. In fact, an increasing number of people are using CBD to relieve mental symptoms like depression and anxiety, rather than just physical ones.
In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of using CBD for depression. We’ll also address why using a topical product like a cream can be the perfect option. Finally, you’ll find some practical tips on using CBD cream for depression, and our top picks for the best products on the market today. 

The Benefits of CBD Cream for Depression 

CBD is a molecule extracted from the cannabis plant. Over the years, scientists have discovered that it has a wide range of properties that can help people with their mental health symptoms. For example, it can naturally lift up your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, and even make you more comfortable in social situations! 

So how does it work? When you take CBD, it binds with some of the thousands of endocannabinoid receptors that are found all over your body. When you take CBD through the mouth, it binds with receptors found along the digestive tract before entering your bloodstream. And when you apply CBD to your skin, it binds with subcutaneous endocannabinoid receptors, those located just underneath the first layer of the epidermis. 

When CBD binds with endocannabinoid receptors, it sends signals to your whole body that can relieve many symptoms. Among other benefits, you can experience a near-instant mood lift and relief from anxiety. Some people also find that taking CBD regulates their energy levels, which could be great for people with depression who experience lethargic periods. 

One of the great benefits of taking CBD through the skin rather than through the mouth is that the results are noticeable a lot faster. Because CBD doesn’t have to go through your whole digestive tract before reaching your system, you can expect to feel its effects in just 10 or 15 minutes. For people with depression, feeling those results instantly can give them the motivation they need to keep on supplementing with CBD. 

How to use CBD Cream for Depression

Before you start using CBD cream for your depression, it’s good to figure out what kind of product is right for you. In the world of CBD creams, there are a lot more options than you might imagine. From thick balms to lotions and face creams, there are a lot of different formulations and potencies to choose from.

CBD balms are generally thicker than creams, and they tend to have a higher potency. These products are great for applying on your temples, forehead, or the nape of your neck. These are also great spots to target for mental health symptoms. And with a high-potency product, you will only need to use a small amount to feel its effects. This means that having a thick balm that you can carry around with you is a great way to feel the mood-lifting benefits of CBD on the go.

CBD creams and lotions are a lot easier to apply on large areas of skin. If you’re planning on using CBD on your whole body, these are definitely the products that you should go for. A thin lotion can be used as a massage oil to apply all over your back or give yourself a little shoulder massage, for example. This can be a great way to turn taking CBD into a self-care ritual. Every night before bed, you can give yourself a little massage with CBD cream, taking the time to check in with yourself. Not only will it relax your muscles in preparation for sleep, but it’s also a great way to create a sense of routine.

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