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Elixinol CBD Brand Review – The Best CBD Creams –

When you’re choosing CBD products, picking a good brand is perhaps more important than picking a great formula. That’s because the brand determines some of the most important features of a product: what CBD extract it uses, what quality it has, and what other types of ingredients it contains. On our website, we often recommend Elixinol products because we believe Elixinol CBD is one of the best brands out there. Read on to find out why we think so! 

Why Elixinol?

Elixinol is a company with over 25 years of experience in the field of hemp. So they’re not just newcomers trying to make a quick buck on a growing trend. They know the benefits of the cannabis plant through and through, and know how to design products that emphasize these benefits. 

Their team is made up of scientists, medical professionals, and veterinarians who have studied cannabis in depth. They use their expertise to create high-quality, reliable products, and to come up with innovative ways to extract CBD. 

On the whole, their products tend to be very simple. They only use natural, organic ingredients—never any synthetic additives, preservatives, fragrance, or coloring. 

In the world of CBD, less is more. And we definitely value a brand that has less flashy advertising and ingredients and more expertise when it comes to the actual CBD extract. 

Elixinol CBD: Why we trust it

When selecting the brands we want to represent on our website, we always look at the certificates they can show us. With Elixinol CBD, this hasn’t been a problem. The company is very transparent, and you’ll find every certificate you’re looking for from a simple visit on their website.

Their products are made with organic hemp that is grown in the U.S. and is completely GMO-free.

They offer both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. Their broad-spectrum products are certified THC-free, and both types of products come with a certificate of analysis. 

The hemp extract in their products is CO2 extracted to guarantee greater purity, and the company has it tested by an independent laboratory to check its potency and quality. You can find the lab results on the company’s website, accessible in a simple PDF you can download. 

Finally, Elixinol CBD products are vegan and cruelty-free while a lot of others aren’t. If you’re an animal lover, it might matter to you that they don’t use gelatine or other animal derivatives in their products and that they don’t test them on animals. 

Three things we love about Elixinol

If the quality criteria that we’ve mentioned aren’t enough to convince you, here are three unique things that we love about the brand:

  1. Five different product ranges (daily balance, sleep, comfort, antioxidant, stress)

When you’re looking for CBD products, it can be intimidating to see all the different potencies and formulations. You can see that the ingredients are different, and that the formula changes, but it doesn’t answer your most pressing questions: Will it be good for my anxiety? Will it help with inflammation? 

Elixinol has five different ranges of products, including daily balance (their most basic one), sleep (featuring plant-based melatonin), comfort, antioxidant, and stress. In each range of products, you’ll find oil tinctures, capsules, and more. If you’re looking for a starting point, decide on the range you want first, and that will guide you toward a product that’s a good match for you.

          2. Interesting use of botanical ingredients

We like to emphasize that CBD really is the most important ingredient in CBD products. Don’t be tempted to choose a product because it contains argan oil or essential oils—those won’t make much difference. However, with Elixinol CBD products, the added ingredients really do play an important role. For example, they have products that contain added curcumin or ashwagandha. These are herbs that were selected for their properties: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, stress-fighting and more.. We like the fact that Elixinol tells you exactly how many milligrams of each herb you are getting per serving. After all, if these products really make a difference, it’s important to be able to measure them. 

           3. Full-spectrum CBD products

Elixinol CBD is one of the rare companies manufacturing full-spectrum CBD products. Although these products aren’t legal in every area yet, they have some very interesting properties. In short, a full-spectrum product is a product that contains CBD extract from which nothing has been removed: all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp make their way into the product. Since cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and even THC have properties of their own, it can be beneficial to have them in a product. And as research shows, they may be even stronger together thanks to the entourage effect, which is why choosing a full-spectrum CBD product actually gives you more bang for your buck. 

Pros and cons of Elixinol


Elixinol is a company we highly recommend. However, it may not be for everyone. We all have different needs, different tastes, different things that we’re looking for. So here are the things that Elixinol does best, and the things it doesn’t do:

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