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Charlotte’s Web CBD Brand Review

Charlotte’s Web is by far one of the most famous and popular CBD brands out there. They have actually been pioneers in the world of CBD, being some of the first to create high-quality products with specific conditions in mind. In this article, we discuss where their reputation comes from, the pros and cons of this brand, and the products we recommend. 

Why Charlotte’s Web CBD? 

Charlotte’s Web is already a well-established brand on the CBD market. Now, we don’t believe that being older necessarily makes your brand better. But in this case, the years of expertise that have been put into the products really do make a difference.

Charlotte’s Web was founded by a hemp grower called Joel Stanley in 2011. He named his company after Charlotte Figi, a little girl with epilepsy who he was able to help with the CBD hemp he grew. 

As the years went by, Stanley put together a team of experts and scientists to help him develop even more products. Today, the brand offers quite a few different types of products, such as oils, capsules, gummies, creams and balms. 

Although the brand has developed a lot, their products tend to be simple. They only use a few, high-quality ingredients and an excellent hemp extract that has stood the test of time. 

Today, they have hundreds of glowing reviews for their products and have a loyal following of both American and international customers. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD: Quality and Efficacy

All of Charlotte’s Web products are made using one of two types of hemp extract: CO2-extracted, or IPA-extracted. IPA extraction is one of the oldest forms of CBD extraction, and it involves extracting in very small batches. As the brand describes it, it is a sort of “artisanal process.” CO2 extraction is a much bigger-scale project, but one that also extracts the best from the hemp plant in a very efficient manner. Both of these methods guarantee exceptional purity and quality.

To guarantee the quality of their products, Charlotte’s Web also uses third-party testing. That means they send batches of every product they make to be tested by an independent laboratory. The test results show them how potent the product is, which cannabinoids and terpenes it contains, and whether it has any traces of unwanted chemicals. With this method, you know the product you’re buying contains exactly what it claims: the right amount of CBD, and all the cannabinoids and terpenes it advertises. 

Three Reasons to Choose Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is not just a brand with a solid reputation. They also have a couple of perks that stand out and make them unique. Below are the top three reasons we consider them one of the best brands out there. 

  1. Always THC-free

When Joel Stanley started making CBD products, they were meant for children with epilepsy like Charlotte Figi. For this reason, it has always been important for the brand to make THC-free products. Today, they still offer products that are 100% THC-free, meaning that they are suitable for children and won’t risk you failing a drug test.

         2. Transparency about their certificates of analysis

As we’ve mentioned previously, Charlotte’s Web sends all of their products for third-party testing. The official certificate of analysis they get back from the laboratory is then readily available for everyone to read on their website. So even before you purchase a Charlotte’s Web product, you have the option of reading a scientific document detailing everything the product contains. In terms of transparency, this really makes the company stand out apart from others. 

        3. Great range of topical products

Today, more and more people are starting to realize that CBD doesn’t have to mean just CBD oil. Topical products (products that you apply to the skin) have the advantage of giving fast results and providing targeted relief. They are particularly useful for people with pain problems like arthritis or plantar fasciitis, and for those with skin conditions.

On the Charlotte’s Web website, you’ll find many specialized CBD creams and ointments. There are some for muscle pain, some for joint pain, and some for back and neck pain. So if you’re someone who could benefit from using topical CBD products, Charlotte’s Web is definitely worth checking out. 

Pros and cons of Charlotte’s Web CBD

No company is perfect and we don’t want to pretend that Charlotte’s Web is the best out there. Rather, it’s good to keep in mind that some good CBD companies are better for people with certain conditions, while other good companies may not be so appropriate for those conditions.

For example, if you’re someone who could benefit from a full-spectrum product that also contains THC, Charlotte’s Web isn’t the company for you. Below are the main pros and cons of the company. 


  • Great quality
  • Wide range of products
  • Simple, natural ingredients
  • Fast and discreet shipping


  • No full-spectrum CBD
  • Not a lot of “fun” products

Our favorite Charlotte’s Web products

Want to give Charlotte’s Web CBD products a try? Here are the ones we recommend the most highly. 

Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil

One of our favorite products by Charlotte’s Web is this massage therapy oil. Soft and silky, fragrant, and enriched with 200 mg of CBD extract, it’s the perfect oil for a relaxing massage. It’s especially meant for people with pain conditions, as it contains menthol and camphor. As such, it’s the perfect product for massaging sore muscles, for helping those with back pain, or even those who struggle with stress. We love its spicy myrrh and frankincense scent as well as the quality of its organic coconut, jojoba, and cottonseed oil. 


  • Pleasant texture
  • Rich scent
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract


  • Only contains 200mg of CBD
  • Spend minimum for free shipping

CBD Oil Tincture

Charlotte’s Web’s CBD oil tincture is very simple. It only contains coconut or olive oil (depending on the flavor), a broad-spectrum CBD extract, and natural flavorings. You can get it in four different flavors: the neutral olive oil version, lemon twist, orange blossom, or the ever-popular mint chocolate. It’s an oil that you can get in many different strengths, and which comes in a convenient, 30- or 100-mL dropper bottle. We enjoy its natural flavoring, the purity of its ingredients, and the high quality of its organic, third-party tested CBD extract. n 

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