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CBD Muscle Strain Treatments – Pure Relief

A muscle strain occurs when certain tendons and muscles tear or stretch. Many injuries may strain the muscles, such as falls, unforeseen blows, overuse, and more.

No matter what causes the strain, it’s safe to say that it’s a painful experience. Whether you strained your neck while looking over your shoulder too quickly or pulled a groin muscle playing soccer, understanding the source of the pain and inflammation and knowing how to treat it may help you recover more quickly. There are many options when it comes to helping you treat your muscle strain. Some of which include:

    • Heat therapy
    • Cold therapy
    • Compression
    • Massage
    • Physical therapy
    • CBD muscle strain medication

How to Treat a Pulled Muscle

Cold Therapy

CBD Muscle Strain Treatments: Pulled Muscle Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is one of the most popular muscle strain treatments out there. When your muscle becomes strained, the fibers in the tissue get damaged. The result? Immediate, intense discomfort, soreness in the muscle tissue, and swelling in the injured area. You can help relieve these symptoms by applying cold therapy to the injury, ideally as soon as possible after it occurs.

For the maximum effectiveness, continue using cold therapy several times a day for 25-30 minutes at a time. Some of the methods you can use include:

    • Cold-water baths
    • Ice or gel packs
    • Cold therapy systems

In most circumstances, an ice pack is the most reliable solution after an injury occurs. However, using a cold therapy system to continue your recovery may help speed the recovery process because it’s a much more specialized form of treatment.


Strained Muscle Compression

Another effective option to help tackle muscle strains is by applying pressure to the injured area. Compression helps subdue swelling as well as soreness. You can use fixed compression with elastic bandages to administer consistent pressure and help prevent further swelling.

You can also use active compression that creates a pumping effect to provide additional benefits such as helping your body get rid of excess fluid in the damaged area and improving the blood flow, which is essential for tissue restoration and healing.

CBD Topical Solution

CBD Muscle Strain Treatments: CBD Topical Solution

Muscle strains can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you have injured a major muscle group. It may affect your ability to perform daily activities and limit your range of motion.

While there are many pain-relieving medications, such as aspirin and Aleve, which are a great help, some plant-based topical products may be just as good. One of these plant-based formulas can be found right here.

Pure Relief’s CBD Topicals are formulated using only the finest ingredients and full-spectrum CBD for a more potent solution and speedier recovery. This highly efficient CBD cream targets the injured area by entering the skin, delivering the soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD effectively. This muscle and joint cream can also nourish your skin with the natural compounds found in the plant.

Therapeutic Massage

CBD Muscle Strain Treatments: Women Enjoying Therapeutic Massage

Massages help relax tight muscles and promote healthy blood flow to help repair affected tissues. A 2012 study found that a massage immediately following a strain may speed the healing process considerably. If the affected area is too sore for a massage, wait about a couple of days. When you feel ready, begin massaging the injury and muscles to help with the discomfort and improve mobility.

Heat Therapy

CBD Muscle Strain Treatments: Heat Therapy Pad

Like cold therapy, heat therapy may help alleviate pain following the initial blow and after swelling has receded. You can apply corrective heat with:

    • Hot cloths
    • Hot water bottles
    • Electric hot pads
    • Warm baths or hot tubs

Heat also improves blood flow, which we learned earlier may promote healing. For best results, alternate hot and cold therapy to help speed up your recovery.

Physical therapy

CBD Muscle Strain Treatments: Injured Leg Physical therapy

If you’re recovering from a muscle strain, it’s good to stay active to keep the muscles from weakening. Physical therapy can go a long way in helping promote muscle healing.

Reach out to a physical therapist. They can teach you special stretching techniques that may help you maintain flexibility and mobility. In some cases, they will have you do strengthening exercises to build up surrounding muscles to reduce the risk of another injury.

Recover Faster With CBD Muscle Strain Solution

Most strains can be treated at home with a combination of the above treatments. In most cases, with the right treatment, most people recover entirely from a muscle strain. However, if the pain doesn’t subside after a couple of days or if you are worried about a more severe injury, don’t wait, seek medical attention from a doctor and try the following after you’re given the green light to resume your activities.

    • Avoid another injury by stretching daily.
    • Stretch before and after you exercise.
    • Establish a warm-up routine before vigorous exercise.

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