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CBD For Inflammation and Inflammatory Diseases

The Best CBD for Inflammation

Creams, capsules, oils… What type of CBD product is right for You?

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have been studied at length by hundreds of different universities and research institutes. Today, we know that it’s one of the most effective, natural ways to relieve inflammation and inflammatory pain. But before you can take CBD to relieve inflammation in your body, you have to find products that work for you.

CBD oil, capsules, creams… there are a lot of options out there. We use our expertise on CBD to point you toward the best option for your condition—and show you products that really work. On our website, you’ll find lots of articles on different inflammatory conditions, with specialized tips and recommendations for each one. We know that people with arthritis and people with allergies have very different needs, which is why we want to give you advice that is as targeted as possible!

The Best CBD for Inflammation: Types of Products and Choosing the Best one for You

There are hundreds of different types of CBD products out there, but the vast majority falls into just one of three categories: those you take through the mouth, those you take through the lungs, and those that absorb through your skin. In terms of the speed of release, the duration of the effects, the taste, and the ease of use, they’re all a little different.

It’s important to choose a product that works well for your condition and a product that follows strict quality standards. We only recommend products that are organic, third-party tested, and have the potency necessary to give you the effects you want. We’ve worked hard to select products that benefit specific inflammatory conditions, as well as to select different products that fit different lifestyles. In our articles, we give you a great range of options so that whatever you like, and however you like to take CBD, you’ll find something that works for you!

What is the best way to take CBD for inflammation? 

There’s no right or wrong way to take CBD for inflammation… but there are some methods that will work a lot better than others to relieve certain conditions.

Topical products (products that you put on your skin) are particularly effective in relieving inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis. You can generally feel their effects after just a few minutes, and they come with very few side effects. We urge you not to see them as just products for the skin, though! They can actually do wonders for many other types of inflammatory symptoms, such as arthritis pain. We think the best products for inflammatory conditions are those that also contain other anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as essential oils or other botanicals. 

Edible products include CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and any other type of product you can eat or swallow. Compared to creams, the relief they offer takes a lot longer to show. But they have the advantage of offering a slow release of CBD throughout the day. This is actually a great thing for many chronic inflammatory conditions. We think that people with IBS will get the most benefits out of edible CBD, as the product gives you targeted relief in the digestive tract as it is processed through digestion. 

CBD oil isn’t an edible product, strictly speaking, but you can certainly mix it with your food and eat it. When placed under your tongue, it absorbs through the sublingual gland and gives you very fast results. CBD oil for inflammation is one of the most popular types of products, and it’s certainly one that is safe, easy to use, and affordable. 

Finally, you can take CBD by vaping or smoking it. This gives you very fast results and it’s a method with high-bioavailability. However, the anti-inflammatory effects it gives you are not very long-lasting. And like anything you smoke or vape, it does present risks for your respiratory system. 

Choosing Great Quality Products

Choosing the right product for you is about more than just choosing a method of consumption you like. It also means choosing high-quality products with the right potency, the right ingredients, and the right type of CBD extract. In our review articles, you’ll find lots of specific recommendations for your specific condition, your needs, and your tastes.

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