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CBDistillery CBG Oil Review | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our CBDistillery CBG Oil Review!  As one of the largest and most positively acclaimed brands throughout the CBD industry, CBDistillery has raised the bar on themselves in every category that we rank brands and products for. Needless to say, we held no punches …

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CBD News Roundup: Congress Approves CBD Regulation Amendment

Here’s the latest CBD news: A bill introduced by Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) to regulate cannabidiol was approved. Dosage consistency and potency are both improved in CBD beverages made with proprietary technology from Pressure Biosciences. A CBD product developed by Lexaria Bioscience Corp. lowered blood …

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Weed Seeds: Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks for Home-Grows

Growing cannabis has gotten even more popular now that 18 states have recreational legalizations, and over 30 are cleared for medical. But where can a prospective grower buy the best quality seeds? Here’s a run down of the top 5 cannabis seed banks, for the …

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Elixinol Liposome CBD Oil Review

Welcome to our Elixinol Liposome CBD Oil Review! It’s not surprising to see a brand as innovative as Elixinol show up early to the liposomal CBD party, a delivery method that allows faster and more efficient CBD uptake (as compared to conventional CBD oil). High-tech …

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Best THC-O Deals, Coupons & Discounts – Summer 2021

The internet is abuzz with talk of the newest cannabinoid to hit the market, THC-O, AKA THC-O-Acetate. What exactly is THC-O, why it is considered to be more potent than ‘regular’ THC and where can you find the best THC-O deals? While is still shining …

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THCV From Cannabis Might Be Best Bet For Treating Diabetes

The diabetes issue is one of the many growing health problems in the US, and beyond, spurred on, no doubt, by modern food systems, and generally unhealthy lifestyles. Though taking a medication will never take the place of healthy living behaviors, cannabis compound THCV might …

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