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Chain Reaction Cannabis: Honduras to Nicaragua

Legalization measures are spreading like wildfire, and often one situation in the world, helps to propel another in a sort of chain reaction. It looks like that might explain what’s going on in Central America right now, where it seems a chain reaction of cannabis …

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High Pressure Concentrates – All About Oleoresin

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, stronger is not necessarily always better. Sure, you want your products to have the highest level of THC possible, but what truly makes a great concentrate would have to be terpene profiles. Not only do terps give cannabis products …

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CBDistillery Gummies Review: Unwind Synergy THC + CBD [2021]

Not to be left behind as higher-THC gummy formulations sweep the industry, CBDistillery makes a convincing argument for their powerful, yet balanced Unwind Synergy THC + CBD gummies. Bringing you five milligrams of THC alongside 25 milligrams of CBD in a full-spectrum extract complete with …

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US Army Ponders Hemp for Sniper Uniforms

Though they remain adamant about disallowing the ingestion of hemp-derived CBD products, the United States Army is now considering hemp fiber as a means for improving the camouflage worn by army snipers. Marijuana Moment reports that the army submitted a “request for information (RFI)” last …

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