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6 Types of Pain: How to Identify Pain and Take Action

According to the CDC, roughly 20.4% of adults in the US experience some form of chronic pain and an additional 8% suffer from high-impact chronic pain. That’s nearly 70 million people and this does not include other common types of pain like acute and neuropathic. …

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Vermont is the newest state to ban Delta 8 THC

According to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Farms, and Markets (AAFM), all hemp products containing Delta 8 THC are illegal, a change that went into effect on April 23 of this year. The Vermont AAFM sent out an email to all registered hemp farmers to …

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Vapes, Edibles, and Delta-8 THC

When it comes to starting global cannabis trends, America is like the big old light outside that all the fireflies keep trying to get at. Sure, other countries have their own trends, but on a global stage, no other country dominates like the US. In …

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Live Resin – The Cold Cannabis Concentrate

As the cannabis industry gets bigger, new methods come out to extract compounds better, or create stronger concentrates. This is the case with live resin concentrate, the first concentrate to be made using the benefit of well-below-freezing temperatures. There are so many ways to consume …

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