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Introducing THCO Flower & THC-O Pre-Rolls

Have you tried smoking THC-O?THC-O (AKA THC-O Acetate), the newest hemp-derived cannabinoid, is a unique, high-potency psychoactive compound. THCO is so strong, that many consider it to be even more potent than Delta-9 THC (the ‘regular’ cannabis-derived THC). But THCO is even more than that, …

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Radicle Science Kicks Off Large, Cross-Brand CBD Study

Here’s the latest CBD news: Healthtech specialists Radical Science will study health and wellness effects of products from 13 CBD brands. Kentucky-based Cornbread Hemp is calling out brands who source CBD from outside the flower. A new study shows near-identical pharmacological effects of synthetic versus …

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CBD Workout Gear: Does It Get the Job Done?

The world of products is a large and competitive one, filled with awesome new inventions, and forgettable failures. Sometimes its hard to know what’s just a passing gimmick, what’s nothing more than snake oil, and what’s the real deal. This is the case with CBD …

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Cannabis Services Advisory Board established in Jersey

A multi-stakeholder cannabis trade organisation – the Cannabis Services Advisory Board – has launched on the island of Jersey in preparation of the next phase of the regulated cannabis sector in the British Isles. The board will aim to play its role in the ongoing …

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