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Top Blends, High-Potency & Live-Resin

Just in time for Black Friday 2022 we have created a short-list of the best Black Friday deals on Alt-THC products. Whether it is Delta 9, HHC, HHC-P, THC-P, THC-O, Delta-8 or even the THC-H and THC-B, now’s the right time to stock-up on premium …

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Company Spotlight: Flow Scientific | The Extract

Everyone is aware of terpenes long before they know what they are. For those who don’t know, terpenes are natural compounds that give many organisms, primarily plants such as cannabis, their distinctive aroma and flavour. They are vital for the flavour and aroma of a …

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Czech Republic Now Moving Toward Legalization

First Malta fell, becoming the first EU country to allow some form of recreational cannabis legalization. Then Switzerland and Germany made companion announcements for new legal industries, both working on promised legislation. Now, the Czech Republic shows the domino effect that’s going on in Europe, …

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