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Elton John: Talent, Fame, and Substance Addiction

“But before trying to escape the island, he warned his son not to fly too close to the sun” – Icarus Why is that many of the most talented figures who have ever lived, have also found themselves struggling with addiction?  Elton John, like many …

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Why do you Get Higher When you Wake and Bake?

The thoughts that arise when you’re high are some of the most original and inquisitive thoughts you’ll ever have. The kind of thoughts that unravel the meanings of the universe. The kind of thoughts that Stephen Hawking and Galileo would be proud of. The kind …

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Psychedelic ‘Smartshops’ Reach the United States

When hearing the word “smartshops’, what likely comes to mind are the psychedelic retail stores dotting the streets of Amsterdam’s red light district. Although they are still most prevalent in the Netherlands, we’re seeing these smartshops begin to take hold in the Americas as well …

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Chain Reaction Cannabis: Honduras to Nicaragua

Legalization measures are spreading like wildfire, and often one situation in the world, helps to propel another in a sort of chain reaction. It looks like that might explain what’s going on in Central America right now, where it seems a chain reaction of cannabis …

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