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Psilocybe: The Mother of All Magic Mushrooms

While psilocybe is not actually the mother of all magic mushrooms, it is the most popular genus of magic mushrooms, the mushrooms most associated with a psychedelic high. Read on to find out more about these mushrooms, and what the heck is in them. Psilocybe …

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Colorado Is Feeling the Psychedelic High This Election

There are a lot of voter referendums this coming election season, and we’re bound to see some changes in cannabis policy in different states. Now, with psychedelics growing in popularity, there are also a growing number of ballot measures for these drugs as well. Colorado …

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Plants Vs Pills: And the Way We View Medicine

The world of medicine has changed immensely in the last couple hundred years, and how we consume medicine has also changed immensely. No longer do we look for plants to help us, but instead ask for little round pills. When did this practice begin? And …

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Why It’s Not a Big Deal

Tolerance is one of the factors that can lead a person to OD on a drug, because it encourages them to take more than their body can handle. However, not every drug causes tolerance in the same way, and with some drugs, there are no …

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Growing Cannabis? It All Starts with the Seeds

Growing cannabis, and DIY projects in general, have spiked in popularity over the last few years. Not to say that this is a new trend, because people have been quietly growing pot in private for ages, but now that regulations are loosening up in the US and …

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