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Landmark Hemp Legislation to Address 2018 Farm Bill Issues

This Tuesday (Feb 8), Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) officially filed the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022, a congressional bill that aims to free hemp producers and industry stakeholders from some of the more restrictive provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill as the industry expands.  The …

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Delta 8 THC North Carolina Legal Guide

The agricultural improvement act 2018 came with a revolution in the United States to legalize hemp and hemp-derivatives containing the THC concentration of 0.3% and amended the controlled substances act to remove the THC from Schedule I of the CSA list.  But how does it …

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$10 Delta 8 THC Deals – Vapes and Edibles

Want to try Delta 8 THC vape carts and edibles? Delivered to your house for only $10 each? And did we mention they come in a variety of flavors too? If you’re interested, subscribe to The THC Weekly Newsletter for your coupon code, and scroll …

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Valentine’s Day CBD Deals Are Here!

Of course it’s a commercialized holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage these Valentine’s Day CBD deals from the industry’s top brands to celebrate the occasion in your own way with someone you care about. With a generously discounted CBD oil tincture from Cornbread …

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Why Cannabis Use is Linked to More Sex and Better Orgasms

Recent studies confirm what cannabis users have been claiming for a long time… that pot leads to a more satisfying time in the bedroom. But it doesn’t stop there, new research indicates that cannabis can also improve the quality of your orgasms – again, something …

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