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Hawaii, Kansas, and Michigan Take Action on Hemp Bills

According to a report released by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable on Friday (Mar 11), Hawaii and Kansas have proposed new (and starkly contrasting) hemp bills while four Michigan hemp bills make their way out of committee and onto the House floor. Hawaii Hawaii’s SB 2865 …

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Religious Exemptions? First Church of Cannabis

There are a lot of different religions out there. Apart from the numerous and varied beliefs people have on their own, there are a ton of registered religions that are considered official religions by the country legally. You don’t have the option of just Christian …

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Study Says… CBG For Glowing Skin

With all the new cannabinoids coming out, and the cannabis properties being studied, it’s easy to get lost in it all. We already know a lot about THC and CBD, but what about CBG? And what’s the new research pointing to CBG for skin health? …

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10 Best Cannabis Sex Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the sexiest day of all, right? A day full of pleasure, romance and passion. A day full of no stress whatsoever, just love. Well, unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. In fact, if you’re like me, you may see valentines day …

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Washington Wants to Legalize Magic Mushrooms Statewide

First Oregon legalized psychedelics for medical use, and decriminalized them statewide. Then California and Michigan floated bills to legalize psychedelics statewide as well. Now, it’s Washington offering up a bill that would legalize magic mushrooms throughout the entire state for recreational use. Will the bill …

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Delta 8 THC New Mexico Legal Guide

Introduction Delta-8 THC, AKA weed lite or diet weed, is a compound that needs no introduction after the introduction of the farm bill(also known as Agricultural improvement) 2018. It remains a hot topic across the nation even after 4 years of enactment. Due to its …

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