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Charlotte’s Web Review [2021] | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Charlotte’s Web Review! As one of the most experienced and prolific CBD brands to shape the industry, Charlotte’s Web requires little introduction to CBD newbies and veterans alike. Still, like everyone else, we’ve been tracking their evolution throughout the CBD boom, meaning …

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Israeli Study Finds Cannabis Can Reduce Need For Other Medications

A recent clinical trial conducted by Soroka University Medical Center and Israeli medical cannabis company Tikun Olam-Cannbit (TASE:TKUN) showed promising results, especially for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reported the Jerusalem Post.  Cannabis research is constantly reaching amazing new heights, with the latest study confirming what many of us already know… that marijuana use …

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Green Roads Review [2021] | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Green Roads review! From this point forward, we’ll be using a 27-item assessment to provide a more comprehensive and objective rating of each brand we review. This assessment led us to a score of 94.1/100 for Green Roads, which earns them entry …

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Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are becoming the next big thing, and that means more questions being asked. Like how to grow them? And if they mix well with weed. And whether or not you can smoke magic mushrooms. So, let’s take a look at that question today, and …

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CBDistillery Review [2022] | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our CBDistillery review! After a collaborative effort involving product sampling, correspondence with the CBDistillery team, and plenty of virtual tire-kicking around the brand’s website, the CBD Insider editorial team has arrived at a final score for CBDistillery. Our final score for CBDistillery is …

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Hemp Bombs Review [2022] | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Hemp Bombs review! Our favorite product from Hemp Bombs is the CBD Pain Freeze. The menthol-infused cream seemed to successfully relieve discomfort for a while. Learn More Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze If you have significant discomfort, you’ll need a potent product …

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