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THC Limit: The Point That You Don’t Get Higher

Our standard way of thinking about drugs is that the more drugs you take, the more intense an experience you’ll have. In this model, not only does more mean more intensity, but it also means the possibility of taking too much, and overdosing. Can this …

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Switzerland Implements Wide-Reaching Medical Cannabis Program

All eyes are on Switzerland as the country makes big moves to start its own cannabis industry. The country announced plans for a recreational measure last year, and now Switzerland is introducing a wide-reaching medical program that goes far beyond its previous limits. Switzerland is …

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CBD Proven Effective In Anxiety Study

Australian not-for-profit research organization Orygen reported yesterday that the use of cannabidiol for anxiety in their Cannabidiol Youth Anxiety Pilot Study resulted in a 42.6% reduction in self-reported “anxiety severity and impairment.” The organization, which specializes in studies such as this one focusing on mental …

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DEA Getting Sued Over Magic Mushrooms, Again

This headline is odd since we all know magic mushrooms are federally illegal, right? Why would the DEA get sued over barring patients from using an illegal medicine? Well, there happens to be a law for sick people to try new medications, and the DEA …

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Why Are Local Governments Sabotaging Hemp Industry?

Hemp has been the enemy to many business sectors for decades, and its illegal status kept it from competition. The 2018 US Farm Bill changed this, re-opening an industrial hemp market. But what should have taken off, hasn’t. What’s most confusing, is that its actually …

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