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Why Are Local Governments Sabotaging Hemp Industry?

Hemp has been the enemy to many business sectors for decades, and its illegal status kept it from competition. The 2018 US Farm Bill changed this, re-opening an industrial hemp market. But what should have taken off, hasn’t. What’s most confusing, is that its actually …

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Will The World Switch Over to Hemp Paper Products?

By now, we know that hemp can be used in place of many things, like plastic, paint, and cement; for which it offers an environmentally safer option. Apart from plastic, paint, and cement, there are another couple places where hemp fits in as a better …

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California FINALLY Lowers Cannabis Taxes

California has had a difficult time since weed became illegal. Sure, the state built itself a legal market, and enjoys a host of dispensaries and other businesses, but it’s been battling strict regulations, high taxes, and resistant black markets, which all led to an actual …

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FAB CBD Review: Is FAB CBD Worth It?

After speaking with FAB CBD founder Josh Delaney, sampling several of the brand’s CBD products, and nosing around their operations as much as they would let us (which was a lot), the CBDI editorial team has arrived at an overall rating of 90/100 for the …

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DIY Cannabis Skin Cream for the Ultimate in Skincare

We love that weed markets are opening everywhere, but we also love that weed’s increasing popularity has led to a massive DIY world. Sometimes consumers want to know that their product is specifically what they want it to be, especially when its going in, or …

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