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Should I Buy a Rosin Press?

If any cannabis lover had all the money in the world, their house would be full of all of the many weed accessories that are now available in the 21st century. The innovation that is now behind the cannabis industry is booming and, consequently, there …

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MJBizCon: Still No THC, Still Alcohol Sales

The biggest cannabis business convention happened in November, and it gave us some great insights into the current trends in the world of weed. It also emphasized where there is still some funky discombobulation in cannabis laws. Once again at 2022’s MJBizcon, there was still …

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The Detriments of Long-Term Opioid Use

We hear about opioid overdose deaths everyday in the US, but there’s a whole other downside to remember: the effects of long-term opioid use on health in general. So aside from falling down dead from overloading the system, here are some other things that can …

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Company Spotlight: Kanndela | The Extract

Kanndela got its name from a Latin word, candela, which means “to give light”, which is exactly what this brand aims to do – give light to the world by helping alleviate some of the daily struggles we face. The brand’s founders wished to provide …

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