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Diego Maradona: A Magician and an Addict

There are few football players in the world that have lived, and that will ever live, who will be able to do what Diego Maradona could do on the pitch. In his prime, he was nothing short of a magician. Whilst the Hand of God …

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Fifa World Cup 2022: Anti-doping Laws Explained

The next World Cup is soon upon us. The international football tournament that just keeps giving. There will be speed, drama and unbelievable skill. The greatest footballers on the planet will be all competing for the top prize. However, there has been a great deal …

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Should Disposable Vapes be Banned? 

The vaporizer has gone from being a shoddy and fairly unpopular device, to the biggest smoking competitor on the globe. The world has undoubtedly been taken by storm and thousands – if not millions – of people are successfully using the vaporizer to quit their …

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How to Make Quick and Easy Cannabis Tea

Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, and sometimes vaping or smoking just isn’t the ideal method of choice. Perhaps you don’t want that harsh feeling on your throat or quick high. Sometimes a warm beverage is actually what you need. Why not …

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What Country Grows The Most Cannabis?

The cannabis plant grows in all corners of the world. However, with varying laws in many nations, it’s hard to know where it grows the most. Some countries have legalized cannabis entirely, others have only allowed for it to be used medically, whilst some have …

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