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My 5 Ideal Psychedelic Holiday Hotspots

The summer is only so long and, before you know it, it’s over and you’re back to long and arduous work. The hot days become cold ones, and the long days become short ones and then you’re back, sitting behind your laptop, begging for the …

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Psilocybin To Quit Smoking…For Good

Of all the benefits psilocybin provides, one of the wide-ranging applications might be in helping people quit smoking. Studies now reveal psilocybin’s efficacy for aiding in smoking cessation, making it possibly the new and best method to cure a nicotine addiction. Smoking is one of …

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Colorado First State to Legalize MDMA

If you’re thinking this headline doesn’t sound true, you’ll want to think again. Colorado is, indeed, the first US state to legalize MDMA, and it did it very, very quickly. But it comes with a major caveat – the US government must legalize it first. …

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Sao Miguel: The Rise and Fall of Cocaine Island

What would happen if a small, island community – with roughly 140,000 inhabitants – found 290kg of grade-A cocaine that had washed up on their shores? This amount would roughly be worth around 35 million dollars. Well, this is exactly what happened in 2001 to …

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CBD Oil For Lyme Disease: Does It Work?

We can all agree that parasites are absolutely disgusting, especially the ones that live on blood, such as ticks. Worse still (as if their vampirical ways aren’t bad enough), there’s a disease known as Lyme disease that they can spread. Lyme disease is a chronic …

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