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Top 5 Reasons Its Insane That Plants Are Illegal

Maybe it’s a norm in life that we’ve grown up with, but does that make it right? Or, is it one of those things that needs an overhaul in how we’ve been trained to think about it. And yes, trained. When something prevails throughout your …

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CBD For CTE: What Does Research Say?

Sports players, especially famous ones, are admired worldwide for their talent and physical superiority. They are seen as almost invincible, especially in games such as rugby, where a massive blow to the head is relieved by a quick pause, a sip of an energy drink …

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President VS Supreme Court: The Mexican Vape War

This isn’t how it’s supposed to work, but the world certainly isn’t a perfect place. Most governments have a legislative branch, a presidential branch, and a judicial branch, and these separate branches are meant to balance each other out. They also hold and maintain power …

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Weed: Your New Headache Medicine?

You’ve got a bunch of options you can take when your head flares up, whether its just a minor headache or a full-blown migraine. Now, a new study points to yet another option, which highlights a possibly major use of the cannabis plant. That’s right, …

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Hemp Building Symposium Coming to France

The 10th International Hemp Building Association Symposium takes place this year in Lacapelle Marival, France, from the 11th to 12th of October. As ever, this event promises to be a showcase of the latest technologies in building with hemp from around the world, along with …

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Italy & The Medical Cannabis Access Issue

It’s great that countries like Italy are opening up their laws to allow for more things, like medical cannabis. But what happens when these laws are set up in a way that make it hard for the standard citizen in need to partake? Such is …

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