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CBD News Roundup: Cannabis Compounds Reduce Urge to Drink Alcohol

Here’s the latest CBD News: A new study demonstrates cannabidiol’s ability to decrease frequency of alcohol consumption among concurrent alcohol-cannabis users.  Another study sheds light on the role of “expectancy,” i.e., the placebo effect, on CBD’s pain-relieving efficacy. The USDA’s research division will team up …

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Honest Paws Review [2021] | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Honest Paws review!  We thought it prudent to kick off our foray into the pet CBD space with one of the leading pet-exclusive CBD brands. After a few adjustments to our brand rating system (to account for animal vs human consumers), we …

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The Best CBD for Dogs (And Other Pets) [2021]

Welcome to our best CBD for dogs review! As part of our ongoing venture into the pet CBD space, we have reviewed a variety of products from pet-exclusive brands as well as some of our most trusted CBD brands. In this review, we will highlight …

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420 Stories – Waldos, Bebes…and Murder?

In life, we have religious holidays like Christmas or Kwanza. We have governmental holidays like Independence Day, or Memorial Day. And then there are those holidays that aren’t really holidays, that we’ve made into holidays, like Black Friday, or April Fool’s Day, or 420. In …

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Sparing 420, Vape Ban Goes Into Full Effect 4/27

Out of all the major couriers, United States Postal Service had the latest cutoff date before the looming vape ban goes into effect. But here we are, the time has finally come and we’re now just shy of a week before we can no longer …

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Mexico’s Magic Mushroom Tourism Industry

The term ‘cannabis tourism’ denotes a well-known concept. People travel to destinations where they can specifically take part in cannabis consumption activities. Cannabis is not the only drug that drives tourism though, as Mexico’s burgeoning magic mushroom tourism industry implies. Yes, Mexico is known for …

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