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New Connecticut Law Gives Access to MDMA and Psilocybin

First Colorado did it with a preemptive legalization of MDMA. Now, Connecticut is joining in with a new law to allow access to MDMA and psilocybin therapy, even before the US federal government legalizes them. Connecticut is leading the way, with a new law that …

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Shrooming the Modern Way, With Psilocybin Edibles 

When it comes to psychoactive edibles, cannabis ones are by far the most popular. However, over the last few years what was once a niche and relatively underground product has been taking the recreational drug world by storm. The product in question? Psilocybin edibles… and …

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What Happens if you Consume Alcohol Before Cannabis?

“Weed before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before grass, you’re on your arse”  It’s likely that in your recreational travels you’ll have heard this well-known rhyme, or something similar, which explores the infamous relationship between alcohol and cannabis. According to this line of thought, …

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Smoking Bush Weed In the Himalayas

Deep in Asia, rising high above the rest of the world, between Nepal and China but within Tibet, sits the god-like Himalayan mountain range. These black and white peaks stand like etched statues in the horizon like ancient myths. The view, if you’re ever lucky …

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7 States Where Cannabis Users Can Easily Find Jobs

As cannabis laws continue to change at bewildering speeds, the topic of employee workplace protections becomes increasingly relevant. Honestly, with how many people support legalization these days and the astronomical inflation we’ve been experiencing, it makes no sense that cannabis users should have to struggle …

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Top 5 Reasons Its Insane That Plants Are Illegal

Maybe it’s a norm in life that we’ve grown up with, but does that make it right? Or, is it one of those things that needs an overhaul in how we’ve been trained to think about it. And yes, trained. When something prevails throughout your …

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