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CBD And Wellness

The uses of CBD to ensure mental wellness

Cannabis And Psychosis: What Is The Link?

In the past few months, several articles have put for the idea of a connection between cannabis and psychosis. But is there any truth to this? At The Extract, we consider ourselves industry leaders – especially in terms of cannabis-related knowledge. Therefore, we want to …

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The Best CBD for Ear Infection

How to use CBD oil for ear infection and what products to choose Cannabis is a plant that has been used in natural medicine for over a thousand years. And as anthropological research suggests, cannabis oil has even been used to treat ear infections. Today, …

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Is CBD Addictive?

The facts about CBD oil addiction  Nowadays, a lot of people rely on a daily dose of CBD to relieve pain, inflammation, or other symptoms. This is a cause of concern for many. They wonder, is CBD addictive? Can you get addicted to CBD if …

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10 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Wondering how to help your body fight off viruses and diseases? It sounds like your immune system could use a little boost. While improving your immunity sounds like an ordeal, simple lifestyle changes go a long way in strengthening your body’s immunity. Here are 10 …

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CBD Effects on Acne: Research, Efficiency & More

Natural therapies have been around for centuries, especially when it comes to maintaining radiant, healthy skin. One of the earliest natural treatments and still remarkably popular is cannabidiol (CBD), an active compound sourced from the cannabis plant. When used topically, CBD can work wonders on …

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How to Use CBD to Help With Depression

Depression affects hundreds of millions of people around the globe. If you think you might be depressed, you wouldn’t be alone in that feeling, and you deserve help. Help can come in many forms. If you’re in crisis or feel your depression is severe, you …

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Using CBD to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey is no easy task. While there are a few ways to go about it, quitting cold turkey can be a bit daunting yet rewarding- if done right. Quitting smoking this way is not for everyone, but given its impact on the …

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