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Hemp vs Cannabis | CBD Origin

If you’re a stranger to the world of Hemp and Cannabis, it’s not your fault. That’s the whole point of this article: to give you a detailed description, similarities, and differences between Hemp and Cannabis so that you can decide for yourself between the two. …

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CBD Tinctures vs CBD Oils

Picture this: you’re researching CBD products and trying to figure out which CBD products are best for you. And if you’re anything like me, you stumble across two products that both seem almost perfect but are all too similar to try to make an informed …

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Can Delta-8 Make You Fail A Drug Test?

In the last few years, Delta-8 THC has been making waves in the wellness industry thanks to a myriad of potential benefits and positive anecdotal stories. However, while its popularity has been on the rise, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the compound. …

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How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Foot Pain

Tell me if you relate to this. Sometimes I come home after a long day, and my feet just hurt. Some of us have foot pain due to environmental stress (like standing for long periods). Some of us have it because of an autoimmune response …

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THCV vs Delta 8 | CBD Origin

The federal legalization of hemp in 2018 has opened many doors to exploring the world of cannabinoids and their effects on the human body and mind. Furthermore, the state-by-state changes in the legalization of cannabis have opened the floodgates even more. Nowadays, it’s challenging to …

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How to Find the Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD companies started selling CBD vape pens when vaping became trendy a few years ago. Now people use them to manage anxiety, pain, and stress.  Finding a high-quality CBD vape pen is difficult with the countless options in the market. But this guide will help …

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Feals CBD Review and Guide: Is It Worth The Hype?

If you spent the last couple of hours looking around for CBD recommendations, you probably ran into the brand Feals a few times. And, if you have spent the last couple of hours looking around for the best CBD products on the market, you’re probably …

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NuLeaf CBD Review and Guide

The cannabis industry is blowing up big time. Reefer madness has turned into a massive global market. Your high school weed dealer is now a successful cannabis entrepreneur. And most importantly, more brands are taking cannabis product quality extremely seriously. Let’s take NuLeaf Naturals as …

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What is Cannabigerol? | CBD Origin

We all see many CBD, or cannabidiol, products lining shelves and being pushed on websites. But if you’re exploring the world of cannabis products, you’re probably also seeing something called CBG listed as an ingredient in many of these products. More and more, it seems …

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