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What is CBD Bioavailability? | BlosumCBD

As a CBD enthusiast, you must have asked yourself how CBD gets absorbed into the body. You might also be at a loss of how different CBD products give varying results. To answer these questions, let’s first define CBD bioavailability. CBD bioavailability is the amount …

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Learning How CBD Is Made

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoids, or natural compounds, found in the hemp plant.  CBD seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, including chewing gum. From A-list celebrities to your closest friends, everyone is using it for different reasons. CBD is in …

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Does CBD Oil Have THC? Common CBD Questions Answered

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding cannabidiol — the popular wellness supplement better known as CBD. It’s a type of cannabis product, which means it comes with a lot of baggage. CBD has been long overshadowed by its famous cousin marijuana, but they’re very …

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