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Christmas Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts For Her

We’re firmly entrenched in All I Want for Christmas season (missed you, Mariah!), and we all know what that means. The Christmas season is finally upon us! However, we have to balance the good with the bad: mulled wine, mince pies, winter markets, and… Christmas …

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Christmas Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts For Him

The struggle is real when it comes to Christmas shopping for the men in our lives. No matter how many times you ask them what they would like, you’re guaranteed to get a “nothing – I don’t need anything” in return. Thanks, guys, super helpful! …

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Top 5 Black Friday Online Deals For CBD Products

Whether you’re getting ahead with your shopping for the holiday season, or you’re simply replenishing your personal collection, Black Friday is the best time to stock up on CBD. Here at The Extract, we have gathered the very best online deals for our readers, meaning …

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CBD Tea Benefits: Reasons To Drink CBD Tea

Everybody loves a cup of tea. The country runs on the stuff. In fact, at least a mind-blowing 100 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK each day! There is always a new brand or style of tea to enjoy – bubble tea, …

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THC:CBD Ratio: What Is The Best CBD:THC Ratio

With the healthy, natural living movement more popular than ever, an increasing number of people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products to help them deal with everyday ailments and symptoms of more serious conditions. While studies show promising evidence that cannabis products, …

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CBD For Diabetes: Can CBD Help With Diabetes?

Thanks to modern technology, effectively diagnosing and treating diabetes is easier than ever. Gone are the days of quack doctors prescribing a range of ridiculous and ineffective treatments or ‘urine testers’ tasting a patient’s urine to diagnose diabetes. Medicine is much more advanced, and we …

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