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Can Hemp be Beneficial for Menopause?

Contrary to popular belief, hemp seeds do not create the psychedelic mind-altering affect that one would think coming from the Cannabis sativa plant. However, that doesn’t mean hemp seeds aren’t beneficial. Hemp has been used for everything from clothing to fuel and is currently a large research point for several studies focused on the medicinal benefits of hemp. Hemp seeds are already used for a variety of healthy and nutritional purposes, including mitigating the symptoms and side effects of menopause in women.

Common uses of hemp seed

The benefits of hemp seeds are so powerful that many people consider them a superfood. They provide both nutritional value as well as health benefits. Some of the common uses for hemp seeds are:

A supplement for nutritious compounds

Hemp seeds are packed with nutritional value such as protein (10 grams per TBSP), essential fatty acids, fiber (1.2 grams per 3 TBSP), as well as an extensive source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Fights off inflammation

Hemp oil can be used to fight off inflammation in the joints, muscles and tissues, by cooling the effects of temporary inflammation. While studies have not yet concluded hemp as effective against chronic pain, acute inflammation even caused by painful inflammations such as gout have shown to be reduced.

Reduces stress and provides for comfortable sleep

Nearly 35% of American adults don’t sleep the recommended seven-plus hours a night. A lack of sleep affects our mood, emotional health, ability to think, recall, and ability for our body to repair damage. With its association to stress-reduction hemp oil can help alleviate the issues that lead to insomnia.

How hemp can be beneficial for menopause

While hemp seeds and hemp oil provide significant nutritional and health benefits, research shows that an additional benefit may be how hemp seeds play a role in reducing the symptoms of PMS and menopause. It all surfaces around a hormone called prolactin. It is thought that the physical and emotional symptoms caused by PMS and menopause are related to a prolactin sensitivity.

What research has shown is that the chemical Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is found in hemp seeds produces prostaglandin E1. Also known as alprostadil, this compound has been used for medicinal purposes related to reducing pain attributed to leg ulcers and kidney injury. However, in a recent study of women experiencing symptoms of PMS 210 mg of GLA resulted in a decrease of PMS symptoms.

Due to the high level of GLA found in hemp seeds, further studies suggest hemp may also reduce symptoms associated with menopause.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil are beginning to pave the way for a direct correlation to reducing the symptoms and pain associated with PMS and menopause. Though the overall effect of hemp on health issues such as stress and a reduction in inflammation also contribute to improving the experience by minimizing pain.

While there is still much to learn about hemp, it is clear that the benefits of hemp truly do live up to the status of what some don as a “superfood.”

~Article by Kaelin Waters - Kaelin is a freelance writer from North Carolina that regularly covers health and wellness topics for Mattress Advisor. She is especially passionate about understanding and researching alternative medicinal practices, and loves to educate others on the topic through her writing.

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