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Best Delta-8 THC Vape Bundles – Winter 2021

When it comes to Delta-8 THC, vaping is the most popular delivery system. With an almost-instant effect and a variety of products to choose from, Delta-8 THC vape cartridges are the go-to choice for new-comers, as well as experienced Delta-8 users. However, as the new vaping bill is threatening to disrupt mail order of delta-8 vapes, the price is rising as we speak. That’s why Delta-8 THC vape bundles have become so attractive lately.

Why Choose Delta-8 THC Vape Bundles

As march 2021 is approaching, everyone is looking to stock-up and to collect as many Delta-8 THC vape cartridges as possible, before the new limitations will force USPS to stop shipping vape carts. That’s why finding the best bundles is so important.

Beside stocking-up, there are more reasons to choose Delta-8 THC vape bundles.
Above all, budles is usually a better consumer choice. Simply said, when you buy a bundle of products, you pay less for each one and the shipment is always included. Add to that one of our famous discount codes and you will pay 50%-60% of the original price!

Buying a bundle is also the best way to try new products and to find your own champion. When shopping for bundles, you can try new flavors, comparing the various effects caused by the various terpenes profiles. You may also compare Indica, Sativa and Hybrid, and identify whats working best for you. If you plan to use the products in different hours of the day, you will find that option to be very helpful.

Whether it is stocking-up, saving money, finding your best flavor or choosing Indica vs Sativa, Delta-8 THC vape bundles are your best choice.

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Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges – Only $12/cart!

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges
Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges – Only $12/cart

This is by far the best Delta-8 THC deal you could find today: Full gram Delta-8 THC vape cartridges for ONLY $12/cart.

The Delta-8 THC used for this product is derived from hemp, federally legal, and comes in a glass cartridge with a ceramic core and mouthpiece for the best possible performance and taste.

Instructions: Add 10 vape carts to the shopping cart and see the price goes down from $13.5/cart to only $12/cart!

As in March the new vape bill is coming into effect and mail order of Delta-8 THC vape carts is limited, now is your last chance to stock-up on premium products!

Choose between: Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, Guava, Mango, Pineapple Express, Runtz and Strawberry Lemonade.

Act now, as you have less than 90 days to stock-up on Delta-8 THC vape cartridges!

Get Delta-8 THC Carts For $12/CART!

Delta 8 Premium 12-pack Bundle

Delta 8 Premium 12-pack Bundle
Delta 8 Premium 12-pack Bundle

If you want to save money on Delta 8 vape carts, you should choose the Delta 8 premium 12-pack bundle! Now, with our 20% discount code, it is only $200 for the whole 12-pack bundle!

This is your chance to stock-up on Delta-8 THC vape carts, as price is expected to rise next month.

With 4 Hybrids, 4 Sativas, and 4 Indicas the 12-pack bundle gives you all you need and more, to experience the full range of Delta-8 THC

The bundle includes 2 each of the following flavors: Hybrid (Blue Dream, Gelato), Indica (Grand Daddy Purp, Mango Kush) and Sativa (Lemon Haze, Strawberry Lemonade).

TIP: Use coupon code ‘delta8 for the additional 20% discount.

Click HERE for the Delta 8 premium 12-pack bundle

(With ‘delta8’ coupon code)

10 Pack Special: Delta 8 + CBN, CBC & CBD

10 Pack Special: Delta 8 + CBN, CBC & CBD
10 Pack Special: Delta 8 + CBN, CBC & CBD

If you are looking for a great product, choose the Delta 8 + CBD, CBC & CBD 10-pack special. Use our 30now discount code, and get an additional 30% discount, taking the price down to only $17.5/cart!

The 10-pack special contains 10 Delta-8 THC cartridges, two of each of the following strains: Blue DreamBubba KushPineapple ExpressGreen Crack & Blue Zkittles.

Each vape cartridge contains between 800-900 mg Delta-8 THC and 50-100 mg of CBD, CBN, CBC, & terpenes.

TIP: Don’t forget to use 30now coupon code, for an additional 30% discount.

Click HERE for the 10 pack special

(With 30now discount code)


Multi-Brand Delta-8 THC Vape Bundle

Multi-Brand Delta-8 THC Vape Bundle

One of the most interesting Delta-8 THC vape bundles is coming from GreatCBDShop, where they offer six leading brands for only $99.

Choose this bundle if you want to try products from different top-brands and find the one best for you.

Instructions – Choose one from each of the following brands: 3Chi, Treetop Hemp, Rift/Natures-8, Rouge River Labs & Delta Farms.

Click HERE for the Multi-Brand Vape Bundle


Mix-and-Match – Carts & Gummies – Only $12/cart + $12/gummy

Mix-and-Match – Carts & Gummies - Only $12/cart + $12/gummy
Mix-and-Match – Gummies & Carts – Only $12/gummy + $12/cart

If you like BOTH Delta-8 THC vapes and edibles, the ‘Mix-and-Match – Edibles & Carts‘ bundle is your best choice! 

Choose 5 Delta-8 vape carts + 5 packs of Delta-8 THC gummies for only $120. That’s $12/gummy and $12/cart, the best edibles + vapes bundle ever!  

Click HERE for the Gummies & Carts bundle

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