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Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

As you may already know, CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis is a condition in which your joints are inflamed, while CBD is a compound that has the potential to reduce inflammation. Naturally, when you put two and two together, you start to see what the applications of CBD are to arthritis patients.

If you want to learn more about the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and how it can help you with your arthritis, keep reading below as we cover the clinical studies on the topic as well as provide some safety tips if you want to try CBD out for yourself.

Animal studies

CBD has been tested on animals to see if it can really alleviate various inflammatory conditions. The results were very positive with many inflammation-induced conditions being relieved shortly after the animals received their dose of CBD.

This study found that a topical CBD gel was able to reduce inflammation and overall pain in the joints of rats with arthritis. 

That being said, we should note that humans are an entirely different species from the test subjects and thus may see different results from CBD usage. Still, the positive results in these animal trials are very promising and may confirm the long-held theory that using the top CBD creams for arthritis is one of the most effective ways of treating arthritis.

Human trials

There have been some studies conducted on humans to see if arthritis could be treated through the regular use of CBD. Why haven’t you heard about this in the headlines then? Well, the testing pools of the group were rather smaller leading scientists to doubt how accurate their conclusions were. The overall quality of the trials has also been questioned by the medical community. Some patients who entered the CBD study had rheumatoid arthritis while others had osteoarthritis.

After running the study for some time and monitoring the condition of the volunteers, the researchers heading the project found that pain was significantly reduced in these arthritis patients — both on OA and RA cases. There has been talk of various studies with larger sample sizes that are currently ongoing and will release their conclusions soon.

Anecdotal evidence of CBD cream on arthritis

Despite human trials being limited, there are thousands of arthritis sufferers that are successfully using CBD products to reduce pain and swelling. We have linked a few testimonials at the bottom of this article.

Safety precautions

Let us start by saying that there have been no side effects associated with CBD and thus if you want to gauge its efficacy against arthritis for yourself then this is generally classified as a low-risk endeavor. That being said, there are a few safety precautions you should take. For example, if you’re looking for the best cbd for arthritic fingers, you should only get your CBD products from a trusted manufacturer to ensure that it’s pure and contains no other — potentially harmful — chemicals.

Furthermore, if you want to mitigate risk, you should use the best CBD ointments for arthritis, rather than supplements. There are some people who are allergic to cannabis and thus starting off with topical cream to treat your arthritis is far safer than taking an oral supplement. Start by spreading the topical CBD product on a small area of your skin. If it doesn’t become irritated then you can assume that you aren’t allergic to cannabis.

In contrast, if you had taken an oral supplement then developed an allergic reaction, resolving the problem wouldn’t be as simple as washing a topical cream off. There’s also a higher risk of your airways swelling up if you start with an oral supplement rather than a topical cream when trying to treat your arthritis with CBD. Start safe, start topical

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