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THC-P Disposables, Delta-9 THC Gummies (From The Delta 8 Weekly)

hi, This week we are looking into THC-P, the new super-potent cannabinoid that have finally arrived. In addition, legal hemp-derived Delta-9 THC gummies are sold online. Try them…  If you are interested in THC-P disposables you might want to learn more about other great products we have reviewed. As far as …

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California Bill Would Legitimize Hemp Retail Products

Here’s the latest CBD news: A bill currently passing through the California legislature would allow the retail sale of hemp products (and recently had a smokable hemp ban removed from the language). A Leafreport survey shows that half of pet owners use CBD for their …

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Reverse Trafficking? US Weed Is Flowing into Mexico

In a strange twist of fate, the country that is known as the biggest supplier of drugs to America, also seems to be receiving its fair share, from America. With legalized cannabis already a set up industry in many states, and with the US producing …

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Hemp-Derived THC Products vs Cannabis-Derived THC Products

If you’ve been keeping up with market trends, you’ve likely noticed there has been a lot of talk about ‘hemp-derived THC products’, and you might be wondering what makes them unique and how they differ from marijuana-derived THC products. Short story, it’s just a legal …

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Cornbread Hemp Review (2021) | The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Cornbread Hemp review! Over a period of several weeks, the CBD Insider editorial team has been at work gathering information about and testing Cornbread Hemp’s products and services to create a comprehensive review. After our interview and follow-up communications with one of …

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