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Vapes, Edibles, and Delta-8 THC

When it comes to starting global cannabis trends, America is like the big old light outside that all the fireflies keep trying to get at. Sure, other countries have their own trends, but on a global stage, no other country dominates like the US. In …

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Live Resin – The Cold Cannabis Concentrate

As the cannabis industry gets bigger, new methods come out to extract compounds better, or create stronger concentrates. This is the case with live resin concentrate, the first concentrate to be made using the benefit of well-below-freezing temperatures. There are so many ways to consume …

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Medterra CBD Oil Review [2021]

Welcome to our Medterra CBD Oil Review! Having tried and loved the highly potent 50mg Daily Buzz CBD gummies from Five, we were very interested to hear that Medterra True Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures now feature the same 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor …

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Does CBD oil make you tired?

Beginner’s 101 When you think of CBD you may think of relaxation or something helpful to support reducing your stress levels. It also is known to be great to sleep. Because of this, the question may come to your mind, does CBD oil make you …

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Delta-8 THC and Magic Mushrooms

Every country has its own set of drug laws, and nearly every set of drug laws comes with some sort of loophole. This is true for the good ole US of A as well. In fact, there are some very interesting US drug loopholes, namely …

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CBD News Roundup: Cannabis Compounds Reduce Urge to Drink Alcohol

Here’s the latest CBD News: A new study demonstrates cannabidiol’s ability to decrease frequency of alcohol consumption among concurrent alcohol-cannabis users.  Another study sheds light on the role of “expectancy,” i.e., the placebo effect, on CBD’s pain-relieving efficacy. The USDA’s research division will team up …

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