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CBD Oil Buyer Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The number of people using CBD oil products increases every day. For a first-time purchaser, researching is vital in deciding which CBD oil is appropriate for you. This guide will fill in as a reliable source. It’s essential to have a fundamental comprehension of what’s …

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Blood THC Content? The New Way to Get a DUI

We’ve all familiar with checkpoints and breathalyzers, even if we never had to deal with one ourselves. And we all know that drinking with a blood alcohol content over .08 is illegal, and leads to a DUI. But what about driving stoned? While driving under …

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Largest Pot Brownie Tips the Scales At 850 Pounds!

Sometimes we argue over cannabis laws and what should be legal. Sometimes we argue over cannabis uses and what the plant can do. Sometimes we argue over the commercial industry and all the problems therein, and sometimes we argue over products and which ones are …

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Delta 8 THC Alabama Legal Guide

Numerous questions related to the legality of Delta 8 THC were raised after the passing of farm bill 2018. While some people questioned the legalization because the bill doesn’t specify which substance has been legalized. Others started exploiting the law by selling products claiming to …

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5-Year High: When LSD Was Legal in Switzerland

Switzerland is the birthplace of modern psychedelics, giving us Albert Hofmann, who tripped his way into scientific infamy in 1943. Since that time Switzerland has been a front runner in psychedelics research. And for a short period of time a couple decades ago, LSD was …

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Hemp vs Cannabidiol: What’s the Difference?

Hemp and cannabidiol have seemingly taken the world by storm in recent years. You can’t go to the store without finding a new snack, beauty product, or supplement containing hemp seeds, hemp oil, or CBD.   If you’re not quite sure what hemp and cannabidiol are, …

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