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Kratom: Legal Status, And How It’s Used

As cannabis and medical psychedelics worm their way to legality, other plants are also being eyed for their medicinal benefits. Take kratom, for example, a small evergreen shrub which has garnered its own publicity as of late. So, what’s the deal with kratom, is it …

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Lexaria to Study Anti-Seizure CBD Against Epidiolex

Here’s the latest CBD news: CBD drug developer Lexaria Bioscience has commenced a study that will compare their product to Epidiolex, an FDA-approved, CBD-based epilepsy medication. A new Gallup poll shows that more Americans than ever are supporting marijuana legalization.  The majority of CBD consumers …

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Thicket: Best Brand Name Bong on The Market

When it comes to bongs, it’s not always about a brand name. People pick up pretty glassware, or choose something from a local smoke shop, but there isn’t a name value to it. At least not on a big scale. Thicket might just be changing …

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Rock On! Heavy Metal Testing in Vapes

The truth is, there’s a lot we don’t know about vapes. For one thing, the idea that people might get sick is often attributed to additives. However, other things, like heavy metal testing in vapes, isn’t even yet a part of standard regulation, so we …

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