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Don’t Get Ripped Off with a Fake Medical Cannabis Card 

The concept of getting a medical cannabis card seems like a fairly straight-forward process for the most part; you contact a physician or licensed medical cannabis doctor in your area, schedule an appointment, and once approved, you receive some type of documentation that allows you …

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How 2021 became the year of psychedelics

It’s no secret that psychedelics are on the comeback trail, with a record number of trials and total investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 alone. This interest – from the public, investors, and researchers alike – has made 2021 the biggest …

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Delta 8 THC Georgia Legal Guide

Introduction The growing popularity of psychoactive unique hemp-derived cannabidiol compound Delta-8 THC after the passing of farm bill 2018 has been phenomenal. Its euphoric, stimulating effect, similar to marijuana, has been the source of its widespread popularity. Statistically, in the first 8 months of 2021, …

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Product Review: VYBBA Delta-8 THC Oral Strips

Delta-8 THC edibles continue to take the market by storm, available in soft and chewy gummies, easy-to-swallow gel capsules, and even baked goods! But today we’ll be exploring an entirely new type of edible: the Delta-8 Strips from Vybba! As this is an entirely new …

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Did Psychedelics Help Our Brains Evolve?

There are tons of theories of evolution that attempt to explain how we went from single-celled organisms to the highly complicated structures we are today. I’m not getting into that entire process, but instead, am focusing on the more recent changeover from early cave-dwelling humans …

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DIY: How to Make Your Own CBN

There’s a lot of talk about different cannabinoids, and the growing unregulated cannabinoids market. One of the cannabinoids of interest is CBN, for its possible ability to help with sleep. Unlike many cannabinoids which require synthetization, CBN can be made pretty easily, and not as …

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