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Five CBD Review [2022 Update]

Welcome to our Five CBD review! After a secret-shopping campaign, a conversation with Five founder JP Larsen, and plenty of product sampling, we’ve arrived at an overall rating for Five CBD.  Our overall rating for Five CBD is 89.1/100. Speaking of, we use a 27-point …

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Phase I DMT Trials Show Consistent And Positive Results

Lots of psychedelic compounds are currently under testing to assess their benefits for treating different psychological issues. Though magic mushrooms, LSD, and ketamine get the most attention, there are many more to consider. Recently, Phase I ended for Small Pharma’s DMT trials into depression, and …

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How to Find the Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD companies started selling CBD vape pens when vaping became trendy a few years ago. Now people use them to manage anxiety, pain, and stress.  Finding a high-quality CBD vape pen is difficult with the countless options in the market. But this guide will help …

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CBD Industry Hits Big Milestone in Europe, Looks to the Future

Cannabidiol is arguably the most popular cannabinoid on earth right now among consumers, patients, and lawmakers. David Trood | Getty Images Historically, tetrahydrocannabinol was the undisputed champion of cannabinoid popularity, however, it is rapidly ceding ground to its cannabinoid counterpart. CBD products are legal in …

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Non-Metal Vape Carts for Heavy Metal-Free Vaping

In the world of cannabis vaping, the story that has slowly been coming out, is how dangerous vape carts can be in terms of leaching toxic heavy metals into vape oil. Now, companies are trying to find ways around this, by creating non-metal vape carts …

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Is the Death of the Cannabinoid Market Coming?

The cannabinoid market has been a strange and seedy place since it started. Not only do different cannabinoids come out weekly, advertising different benefits, but as an unregulated market these products can be sold for less money than dispensary products which are subject to cannabis …

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