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U.S. Forest Service Clarifies Cannabis Ban

Employees of the federally operated U.S. Forest Service were warned by a notice from the agency’s human resources department on Monday (Aug 22nd) that, despite states slowly legalizing various forms of marijuana consumption, U.S. Forest Service workers are still subject to administrative action if they …

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Green Roads Sweet Sleep CBD Oil Review

Welcome to our Green Roads Sweet Sleep CBD Oil review! They’re certainly not the first hemp brand to have rolled out a sleep CBD tincture, but pharmacist-led Green Roads is unique in how they enrich each product with absorption-boosting compounds and other enhancers. Such is …

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What is Delta 11 THC, and How Strong Is It? 

To understand what Delta 11 THC is, you will first need to understand more about the compound 11-hydroxy-THC. So, 11-hydroxy-THC is one of our naturally occurring endocannabinoids; meaning it’s made in the body. When you eat plant-based THCs, such as delta-8 or delta-9 THC, and …

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Best Places to Forage for Psychedelic Mushrooms

If you know where to look, psychedelic mushrooms are found abundantly throughout nature in both tropical and temperate regions. As long as you’re careful and knowledgeable of the different mushroom species in your area, you can have a lot fun foraging.   There are over …

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Mars Inc Takes Out Copy-Cat Cannabis Companies in Court

The lawsuit, started last year by Mars Inc over use of trademarked material by offending cannabis companies, came to a conclusion earlier this month in court. A federal ruling in favor of Mars Canada and Mars Wrigley, stated that the copy cat cannabis companies indeed …

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11 Best Strategies To Market A CBD Business

CBD marketing is more challenging than ever before. The influx of CBD products in the market is making it increasingly difficult for CBD brands to stand out from the crowd. Users are spoiled for choice with so many options available, and brands have to fight …

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