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The Debate Over Count de Vecchj and Amanita Mushrooms

The classification of ‘poisonous mushroom’ certainly does no service to the non-deadly hallucinogenic mushrooms out there with that designation. Amanita muscaria mushrooms fall into this category; and their name is accompanied by a single negative story, which may or may not be related in the …

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How to Prepare Amanita Mushrooms to Avoid Sickness

There’s a lot of talk now about the ‘new’ old mushrooms on the block, Amanita muscaria. And a lot of confusion over whether they’re dangerous or not. Though people aren’t known to die from these mushrooms, a lot of people do get sick. However, once …

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10 Reasons to Legalize Drugs in 2023

Welcome to the new age. 2023 is upon us and flying cars, time travel and the new annoyingly addictive social media platform is surely imminently round the corner. However, 2023 may also be the year for something else. 2022 had many cases of drug legalizations …

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Dr. Dennis McKenna on the Mechanisms of Psychedelics

What are the mechanisms of psychedelics? How did indigenous people discover the plant cocktails that produce psychedelic effects? Are the hallucinations that psychedelics produce real? How can psychology harness those applications to benefit patients? These are just some of the questions that Dr. Dennis McKenna …

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What is Ketamine: The Musical? 

The world of theatre is not for everyone, and often people are given the impression that it’s all jazz hands and Shakespeare. Whilst of course it does include these things, the truth is, live performance offers much more than that. Beyond the commercial and touristic …

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France Lifts Ban On CBD Flower Sales

The end of 2022 saw another breakthrough for the CBD Industry, with the ban on the sale of CBD flower in France being overturned by the Council of State. On 29 December 2022, the French government authorised the sale and consumption of CBD flower and …

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