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Don’t Miss The World CBD Awards In Barcelona This July

The third annual, World CBD Awards are taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from July 12th to 15th, 2022. This is a unique, black-tie event focused on highlighting the very best CBD products on the market today! In total, 19 award categories – including best vape, …

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The CBD Show – London

The return of in person events is a real sign that the world is emerging from the Pandemic isolation we have endured for the last couple of years. The last CBD show  we attended was at the NEC in Birmingham during the time of peak …

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Next-Generation Psychedelics Heading to Clinical Trials

Whether you like it or not, modernized psychedelic medicine is on the horizon. And when I say modernized, I’m talking about next-generation, synthetic versions of the psychedelics you’re currently familiar with. A handful of these compounds are on the fastrack to clinical trials and FDA …

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Weed Vacation Packages: Travel in Stoned Style

Everyone likes to get out of their ordinary life, and a pretty good percentage of us like to be high when we’re doing it. These days, with expanding cannabis legalizations the world over, these two things can go together. That’s right, you can now purchase …

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DIY: Smoking Up in The Wild

Maybe you’re out on the beach, or trekking through the woods, or climbing on some mountainous terrain. Maybe you forgot to bring a pipe for a smoke break out in nature. Well, luckily, nature provides us some interesting ways of getting high on the fly. …

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Celebrate Psychedelics with These Exciting Holidays

Drug holidays are not a new concept. Cannabis has plenty – the main one being 4/20 which has become so mainstream that even my elderly, foreign relatives know about it. We also have 7/10 (OIL/concentrates day), World CBD Day on February 1st, October 5th to commemorate the victims …

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