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German Court Ruling Now Allows Hemp in Food

To be clear, the recent court decision is not specifically related to hemp in food, but by clearing hemp tea sellers of trafficking charges, the German court ruling opened a door to allow hemp products in food. The world of cannabis just got bigger as …

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Canadian CBD Payment Processor Launches Platform in US

Here’s the latest CBD news: Merrco, Canada’s leading payment processor for cannabis businesses, has just launched a platform in the US. The Idaho hemp legalization bill (HB 126) passes the senate convincingly and is sent to the governor’s desk. Two House Committee Chairmen send a …

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Joy Organics CBD Gummies Review

Welcome to our Joy Organics CBD Gummies review!  This product type is continuously gaining ground on the long-time mainstay that is CBD oil/tinctures, and for good reason. Companies like Joy Organics are making it easier than ever to find potent, yet health-conscious CBD gummies at …

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Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life

Lifestyle We spend our lives wanting to be happy but end up chasing our own tails.  We project happiness off into the future, promising ourselves that we would be happy if only we could win the lottery, get a better job, a nicer house, less …

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