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Does CBD Affect Men and Women Differently?

Supporters and prospective users of cannabidiol can definitely take the Food and Drug Administration’s increased interest in the plant-based compound as a great sign, but there’s still a long way to go if CBD is to be regulated. Evaluating the gender differences in responses to …

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Yet another US City Decriminalises Psychedelics

Somerville is joining cities like Oakland, Santa Cruz and Ann Arbor in decriminalising possession of plant-and-fungi-based psychedelics as lawmakers approved the proposal unanimously. The move is in line with the growing support for an eased approach with regards to psychoactive substances in the US. Marijuana …

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The Most Detailed Guide with Research Proofs

If you are a long-term user of cannabis products or cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with new CBD products, you must be well aware of the current ‘buzz’ called-Delta 8 THC or THC Delta 8. But do you know what it is or its advantages …

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The Facts About THC vs. CBD

There are still many misconceptions about THC vs. CBD, thanks to hemp’s long use as a recreational drug. Today, many people use hemp products such as CBD to bring balance, calm, and focus to their daily lives. But does CBD still contain THC? And what’s …

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FDA Provides Framework for Future CBD Research

Here’s the latest CBD news: The FDA published a report detailing their plans for data collection and research improvements in the area of CBD research and regulation.  Yale researchers have funded a randomized trial that will measure the effects of CBD on the female brain …

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