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The Facts About THC vs. CBD

There are still many misconceptions about THC vs. CBD, thanks to hemp’s long use as a recreational drug. Today, many people use hemp products such as CBD to bring balance, calm, and focus to their daily lives. But does CBD still contain THC? And what’s …

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FDA Provides Framework for Future CBD Research

Here’s the latest CBD news: The FDA published a report detailing their plans for data collection and research improvements in the area of CBD research and regulation.  Yale researchers have funded a randomized trial that will measure the effects of CBD on the female brain …

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What is Cannabigerol (CBG)? | What to Know

Cannabigerol or CBG is only one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. While not known as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBG has gained attention in recent years. Due to low levels in most cannabis strains, CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid. …

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Mama Cultiva & the Fight for Cannabis Legalization

When it comes to cannabis activism, there are groups all over the world, fighting the governments and public sentiments of the countries they are in. One group stands out among the rest, though. A group of mothers on a quest to help their sick children, …

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Hemp Lotion: A Guide to the Latest Skincare Trend

According to Grandview Research, the size of the global skin care product market is projected to be worth $183 billion by 2025. Given this, it should come as no surprise that researchers and manufacturers are working at lightning pace to create the latest and greatest …

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